Then there was marriage...

Then there was marriage...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby brain and cheese

Wednesday was my Wal-Mart day. Put all things on my.list and went. Thought I did pretty good and Blaine behaved. Bobby wanted burgers so I got the stuff for that too. After working out, I started cooking when I realized...we have no cheese. Well, you can't have burgers without cheese can you. So I grabbed my wallet, told Bobby to watch food and headed for the over priced Dollar Store, where nothing is a dollar.
Got cheese and opened whet to find no card to pay with. Checked care, told cashier I would be back, realized I had $3 in changed but then saw cheese was over $4 so again said I would be back when something happened.
Sweet lady behind me showed me that just cause I live in Tulsa foes not mean there is not small town kindness. She paid for the cheese, looked at me and said, "don't worry it is baby brain." I told her I had even been to WM that day with my 18month old but still could not remember anything. Gave the lady a hug and headed the one block home.
When I got home I went into panick mode on where my card could be. Emptied purse but nothing, already checked car but nothing, then looked at wallet again to see the card was strangely placed upside down in totally the wrong place. Oh...then I felt worse, had it the whole time
Bobby laughed and said must have been what God needed me to go through.

Thank you Jesus for showing me kindness at the strangest most perfect times.

Oh being pregnant