Then there was marriage...

Then there was marriage...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday News

Good News today

Went to see hight risk doctor today and have detailed ultrasound of baby Thor. My fluid was again building up ans now at 32 (25 is high). The baby was also measuring large, in fact he meassured 98% and almost 5 pounds. Those are good things if I have him early, scary if I carry him full term and have 15 pound boy. I will take those risks I guess.

Each organ looked to be functioning great and strong pair of lungs. The doctor could not find any issues with anything. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck but not tight and Blaine had the same thing too.

He would like to test me weekly for diabetes and continue to do weekly scans of baby, which my regular OB can perform.

I have been asked to stop all exercising and no long walks and go easy since my contractions are still happening. Big fear Dr said was a membrane rupturing. I guess that is only thing I don't understand. What are membranes? He said due to water I was already a high risk for that. Dr said I should also nit travel more than 30 minutes from Tulsa so no long trips or even to the City. BOO to that but baby safety a must.

There is nothing I can do at this point to slow the amount to amniotic build up. I will have another reduction when contractions get going again, I can't sleep or breath, in pain or just too uncomfortable to move. It will be an overnight stay this time. Dr said he expected me to have it within week. The reduction is not harmful to baby but nit having one can be worse forcing baby to come early.

After 34 weeks he suggests I stop everything and allow natural labor to happen.

So thankful for my mother-in-law for coming today and taking care of my Blaine-y Boy.
Thanks to everyone else for all your prayers, call, texts and love. We appreciate you all so much.

Monday, May 27, 2013

My Amnio-reduction and this week's news

I want to document pretty much everything about this crazy pregnancy now so I don't forget this crazy ride.
I posted I had an amnio reduction on Sunday afternoon. My doctor did it since the high risk doctor was not available. He had done many before so I was okay with it.

They brought the ultrasound machine into my hospital room, a bucket that said amnio reduction and said let's do this. The nurse laid out the vacuum bottles, needle, gloves, tubing and cleaning material while my doctor measured and checked baby and best place to do the reduction. There are four pockets areas and they want to do the largest and furthest away from baby. Bobby was in the room the whole time and experienced it with me, which was nice. I was asked if I needed numbing meds but told most don't use it. I opted out of the extra shot and went for no meds. The doctor talked the nurse through her steps and they began. I later asked the nurse how common this procedure was and she replied she had only seen three in her entire career. She had been in nursing a long time.

The stick was initially a very weird feeling, more pressure than pain. The baby kept trying to reach or touch the needle so the doctor had to keep pulling it up or over to keep him from nicking himself. That part was stressful to me and doctor. Finally the nurse mentioned a medication that would relax the baby and doctor said give it now! Once I had that it was much smoother sailing. It took two vacuum bottles to contain the 1875ml (almost two one liters) of amniotic fluid he removed and the baby still had a ton to move around it. It lasts right about one hour for the whole process (needle in me the whole time). It was crazy but you could see the difference in my stomach size. I later looked it up and the fluid weighed over 3.3 pounds.

I left hospital on Sunday night with the understanding I would see my doctor on Tuesday and would take anti-contraction meds every 4-8 hours as needed. I was so excited and relieved to be home. Bobby and I spent Monday, Memorial day enjoying the day with a little shopping, time in Inola relaxing outside and then at home chilling. By Monday night my stomach was already getting harder and uncomfortable.

Tuesday, Bobby and I went to doctor to do a follow up ultrasound. The doctor needed to monitor the babies heart, lungs and fluid. Heart and lungs looked okay but fluid was building back way too fast. I was as already close to serious level again and it had only been 48 hours. My doctor called a high risk specialist to see his opinion. They decided I would go on a medicine I had been given in hospital to help reduce fluid, stop early labor but would also advance the babies heart and lungs (possibly too early). I would need to visit specialist for him to see baby and monitor fluid. I go on Friday this week.

So all being said, I am trying to relax and stay confident in my knowledge that God is knitting this sweet boy and ready knows his and my future. God is in control!

Keep us in your prayers.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dang good Doctor was right...wished him to be wrong.

After waking up in pain at 1am on Saturday morning, I took myself and Blaine to Mimi's for help. I took over their massive tub and Blaine got spoiled by his Mimi. The pain lessened for a bit after an hour bath but returned with a vengeance. Called my Dr for advice and received a muscle relaxed. It did dull the pain but revealed I had been having contractions too. Those did not subside so Bobby and I decided to be safe and go to hospital. My amazing Dr was already here so able to assess me and get me on drugs to stop the contractions I was having every two minutes but was barely dilated so that's good.
More test, blood, iv, shots that hurt bad-rather stung bad and antibiotics dir to blood in urine.
Expected to get a reduction of fluid in morning but taking a pill to help reduce it every two hours now. Crazy...feel like a drug lady.
Send Bobby home to get some sleep and so he could bring essentials to me in morning. If reduction goes smooth there is a chance I could be released with the understanding I will return for another fun booty shot.
That is all I know so far.
Keep up the prayers that Thor stays where he belongs for as long as God needs him there. We want to go home with him, not without him.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not in my plans

May 22, 2013.

Two weeks ago the doctor informed what I thought...I have a lot of amniotic fluid. He was not concerned too much but decided to see me every two weeks. Which brings us to today 5-22-23.

Today was different. It was serious and detailed in information. My mom and niece were with me and all I could think was I wish Bobby was here so I could tune this out and just see the baby in the ultrasound. That is my favorite part normally. No pictures today just lots of measuring. I tried and still trying to trust God and not stress.

Let me say I am 30 weeks today. I am huge! I look like I put a beach ball under my shirt that weighs as much as a bowling ball. My stomach is tight, hard and very uncomfortable. No stretch marks but I look like I was due yesterday or rather two weeks ago. Strangers and even those close to me think so too.

Today I was diagnosed officially with polyhydramnios, meaning too much amniotic fluid. I read and researched the normal fluid lev is between 9-25cm. They measure with ultrasound measuring the four pockets around the baby. I was over 25 at the third and around 37cm total.

I was told I could go into labor at any time and the results of that are just not okay with me. Tiny baby, hospital stay, danger in prolasped cord, and more that just don't work for me.

We are suppose to go camping in two weeks. I go see the Dr two days before we leave. he said he will let us know how smart that will be or not. Bobby is going to that appointment with me. Today he already told me it sounded crazy. Not a good sign.

Details of what I found online and what Dr informed me of is below.
Please keep us in your prayers.


What is polyhydramnios?
Polyhydramnios occurs when there's too much amniotic fluid around baby.

How common is polyhydramnios?
It’s pretty rare. It only happens in about 1 percent of pregnancies.

How will polyhydramnios affect my baby?
Polyhydramnios may increase the risk of premature birth, excess fetal growth and stillbirth. It can affect you because it may cause high blood pressure, urinary tract infections, your water breaking early, placental abruption, umbilical cord prolapse (umbilical cord comes before the baby in birth), c-section and heavy bleeding after delivery