Then there was marriage...

Then there was marriage...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

God's Angel

Got a phone call this afternoon that is always hard to hear, someone you love(d) passed away. 

Gerald Burk was not just someone I knew or onced loved. He was a angel God sent into my life at a very young age to show me unconditional, Godly love. I called him Grandpa Gerald since I can remember and all through school he loved me as a grandaughter. When I moved back to Inola and worked for the church at age 26 he acted like I never left after high school. Each time I saw him I got a huge hug and eyes that looked into and told you "I care," the same loved I received each Sunday since I was a wee child.  

One summer, my first at camp, Gerald was my best friend. I had no friends, no girls wanted to sleep by me, play or go to classes with me. No one wanted to sit by me at chapel but Gerald did. He walked me to breakfast, classes, canteen and during free time sat next to me and encouraged the skill of people watching (or boy watching). He was amazing. Taught me the one key fact that lead me to accept Chirst as my savior the summer before going into 4th grade...Jesus is and always will be your friend, forever there for you. 

Gerald's heart was that of Abraham, a friend of God, bent towards compassionate love, forgiving, kind love. 

I have repeatedly told my mom I need to stop by First Baptist to introduce him to my husband and boys. I wanted to show him how God continues to work in my life. How I strive to have a heart like his and Fern's. How I desire a love with my husband like their marriage.

He will never know now, not till we stand together on the streets of gold. Then I will hug his neck and tell him, "Thank you, for giving me God's love. I can never express how much you gave me."