Then there was marriage...

Then there was marriage...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It all changes the 24th

Last night was the last night Bobby and I would put just one boy to bed, pray over one boy, read God's word to just one boy and anticipate tears sometime in the night through the monitor from just one boy.

This morning would be the last morning I go get just one boy after a tearful awakening, put just one boy next to me in bed, cuddle with just one boy and have a routine for just one boy.

Tonight we will drop Blaine off with Bobby's parents. We will return home to make sure my bags are packed, get hospital goodies bag ready, set the alarm for 5am, and probably watch a movie as the almost parents of two boys.

Early we will rise Wednesday morning and drive the few miles from our condo to St. Francis Hospital where the staff will begin to prep me for our second sons arrival to the world. Sometime during the day, our parents, family.and friends will be notified Elijah is almost here and they will arrive to meet him and congratulate us as parents of our new baby boy.

Yes, the 24th will be a great day. The 23rd will a day to remember as a great day too, the last day of being parents to just one child. A wonderful child, who made us want another because he was so great to have in our lives.

So blessed to have today, so excited for tomorrow!