Then there was marriage...

Then there was marriage...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Elijah William Clary

We named our son.

Baby boy #2 is officially Elijah William Clary.

I am so excited that I can call him by name and not just Thor. Although I think Thor was a great nickname and may hang around.

Bobby thought of the name on Friday night and said it to me. I think Eli is cute too so I started processing the meaning, calling him both Elijah and Eli, the whole name (practicing yelling it out) and we ran it by a few of those we count as dear to us. My sweet niece is not a fan but once she sees him she will love it.

On Sunday, Father's Day Bobby announced to his dad and the family the babies full name. I think Bill is honored that the baby is named after him. We respect him so much and I have been a fan of William as a middle name since we found out it was a boy (even with Blaine I mentioned it).

During family devotional time tonight everyone was able to feel Eli and daddy mobbed him around some. Bog brother Blaine felt him too bit was a little unsure, although stewards my belly got tons and tons of kisses.

Can't wait to hold sweet Elijah in my arms.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Second Round of Fun

At yesterday's (Monday's 6-5-13) Ob check up the doctor immediately assessed me as I walked in and the discussion began on when my second reduction would happen. My fluids were already high again. It had been 8 days since my first reduction. After a brief talk between me, Dr and my hubby it was decided that to keep from heading to hospital on emergency I would go in Tuesday morning at 6:45 am to have a second reduction.

I took Blaine to mom and dads to stay the night so I would not have to worry about him. Bobby was going to go ahead and go to work so this leaves me alone at hospital.

Reduction went relatively smooth since they gave me statal before the whole thing began to keep baby from going nuts like the first time. A second doctor came in to see procedure but was not able to stay the whole time. The doctor took off 2200ml of amniotic fluid filling both vacuum bottles to top with no room left.

This reduction seemed to be much more painful since it was done more to my right side than right above belly button. It felt like it went through more muscle at that spot, also had more paineful contractions during the procedure.

After the fact, having some pain in my right lower abdominal area. They think just muscle or nerve pain but it hurts...a lot. Can't get comfortable and just tired too. Baby is doing just fine and from what I see looks like contractions are slow.

Wednesday, doing much better now. Pain subsided during the night and hoping to.just take it easy today. Bobby is taking vacation the rest of this week so excited that we get to spend some family time and marriage time before the new little man arrives.