Then there was marriage...

Then there was marriage...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Voice of Christmas Past

Christmas Eve

Today, Blaine and I made our way to Catoosa. It was well past noon, well past lunch and by the time we arrived at our destination it was time that most were leaving. 

As a child, Christmas morning constisted of waking up extra early and racing into the living room with my oldest brother Chad.  Chad and I would sneak a peak of what Santa had left while Jason and my parents slept.  We would then sneak back to our bed and wake just a few hours later till as we could no longer wait to share what Santa had brought with the rest of the family and open all that Mom and Dad had wrapped up for us. 

Mom always fixed the same breakfast, prepared the night before so we could eat while we unwrapped the gifts.  Side note but so many Christmas' we ate or had to pull the plactic wrap out of the food cause mom had cooked it forgetting to take it off before putting it in the oven... still funny!  Dad would then kick us into gear to get dressed and ready to be at Granny and Papa's by noon.  We had to be there by noon... not a minute later because Papa wanted to eat a noon. 

After lunch, we would unwrap gifts and play with our cousins till we were all too cranky and tired and our parents made us go home.  Christmas day would end with us looking over everything we had received and would just glow in delight. 

This tradition lasted every year till just a few years back when the patriarch of my mothers' family, Cletus Melvin Chadwell, AKA Papa, passed New Year's Eve.  All the family who lived near by moved in to help Granny take care of Papa and make his passing easy. Christmas day was when Papa got really sick and one week later he went to meet with Jesus. 

Papa never meet my husband, Bobby.  Papa never meet my son, Blaine.  Papa will never meet my future children either but when I walk into that grand country house I feel his presence, I look for him when I enter, I smell him when I breath and I see him laughing playing dominoes and playing with the children.

It is days like today I feel the meaning of Christmas.   Tonight, on Christmas Eve, Blaine was held in the presence of Granny in the house I spent every Christmas and I know that God is real. God is alive. God came to save me and I accepted at the age of ten. While Blaine ate his last bottle, I told him the story of Christ and pray that one day he too sees Christ alive in this world and accepts him as his Savior. 

God thank you for memories, for love, for family but most of all thank you for Jesus Christ who came to earth, never sinned and chose to die for my soul.

I pray that each of you when you read this find Christ alive in your world, in your life and most importantly in your heart.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

3 Months... My oh My I must give Thanks

My oh My, I can't believe my little man is almost 3 months old.  Oh the trials that we have encountered in the last 3 months but the joys overwhelm the trials.  God has done so much and I write this as my thank you.

Thank you to God for creating the most amazing creation in Blaine.  He is perfect because you made him.
Thank you to Bobby for being an amazing father who stays at home with Blaine 3 days a week.  I know you are tired.  Your sacrifice for our family and your son is a blessing the the bond between you and Blaine, even at 3 months is beautiful.
Thank you to Mom and Dad for your support and help.  Mom, thanks for watching Blaine each Friday and on days when things get crazy at work.  You are amazing with him and it will never be forgotten that you were willing to care for him so would not have to put Blaine in child care. Dad, thanks for allowing us to borrow your truck for 2 months while Bobby worked on our car.  You provided safe transportation and a major need when we needed it.
Bill and Kellie, thanks for your support and help.  Bill, I know it is not easy to go from work, to picking up Blaine to feeding him and staying up till I get there.  You are a wonderful gramps and Blaine is happier because you care for him.  Kellie, thank you for coming home early each Thursday to care for Blaine, for checking on me and asking me how my day went when I come in, for having dinner for me, for being patient when I am stressed and providing all the amazing needed burp rags, blankets and for knowing us so well you take the time on a Sunday to stop by and fix up Blaine's room and giving me a break to take a shower.
Chad, Cary, Chloe and Colby, thanks for being goo goo over the little man I love.  It is such a blessing to see you fall in love with him too.  Cary, your support through texts, calls and coming over to moms when we are there is more thanks than I can express.  Somehow you call and text just when I needed support.  Chloe, thanks for constantly cheering me up with being you. You are truly a huge chunk of my heart and life would not be as sweet without you.  Thanks for helping Mawmaw with Blaine and being an amazing cousin to Blaine.  He surely loves you as much as Bobby and I do.  Colby, your heart is so pure and each time you say baybee Bane "baby Blaine" it blesses my heart. 
Jason, Jacie, Taylor and Cole, thank your for staying grounded for us, especially me, as Blaine's health issue has gone up and down.  Jason, your constant research and knowledge is on children's health and development is a blessing.  Jacie, your willingness to capture Blaine in pictures is so nice.  I am so blessed to have you there with a camera to always remember the great momemts of his life. 
Eric, Torrie and Alice, Thank you for accepting us a your family.  It is amazing to have another brother, sister and niece.  All your love and support puts me in awe.  Your generousity is a blessing and I can never thank you enough for the things you pass down from Alice to Blaine.
Chad, Lindsay and the girls.  I love you. Linz you are truly the best friend a girl could have and only God knows how many prayers you have lifted up in Blaine's name and Bobby and I.  Your wisdom is truly from God and his spirit is so alive in you.  I look up to your and I am honored to be your friend.
To the rest of my family and friends, thanks!  It may sound simple but I thank you very much for all you have done and do for my family.  I am loved by you and so thankful to have you in my life.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And a baby in a carriage

My sweet boy Blaine Robert Clary was born September 7th, 2011.

He was 8.02 pounds and 20.5 inches long.  
 Blaine has dark eyes and brown hair and some adorable cheeks.

This is the Robert Clary first family picture with Blaine just moments after his grand arrival.

After leaving the hospital Blaine had a high amount of jaundice and was given his own tanning bed to help get the jaundice out of his body.

This sweet boy kept having struggles in his first 3 weeks of life.  Jaundice, then no weight gain, allergic reaction to formula (milk), loss of weight down to 6.11 pounds and last but not least a clogged tear duct.  But on week 4, thanks to soy sensitive formula my boy gained weight and has continued to do so!

I will say that being a mother is the most wonderful experience I have had in my life.  The nine months of pregnancy and 30 years of life experience did not prepare me for the joy, wonder and love I would experience but God and his intimate love has showed me now how he feels about me as his child.
If I look at Blaine and feel the way I do after only 5 short weeks how does God the father feel about me as I approach my 31st birthday?! 

 Blaine is an active little man. This is him in his dino shirt and shoes!

This past weekend we went to the pumpkin patch with all the Cook kids and Blaine's cousin Alice Epperson.  Thanks to Aunt Cary we have this adorable hat that was Colby's. 

Yeah he is sticking his tongue out at the camera... one of many things he has in common with his father is his love for photography... thankfully Mimi got a bunch of great shots and Mawmaw did too.

I want to say thank you to those of you that have been a huge encouragement to me and Bobby over the last few weeks.  Parenthood is not easy although it is rewarding and amazing.  My struggles with breastfeeding were very wearing and unfortunately God did not have it in store for my body to produce milk for Blaine.  I pray for any future children the story will be different but I know there is a reason for all things.

The weeks ahead are sure to be hard as well for on Thursday I will return to work. I get to take Blaine with me to work and have a flexible schedule for a few weeks but only a few days a week and I still must get the same work load done.  I have a new boss, who is amazing, but I will be learning work new with her and how to be a mother who does not work crazy hours.  Bobby will be watching Blaine a few days a week alone.... He is such an amazing father!  Really, it would blow your mind how attentive he is and how much they are already bonded.  Blaine will one day praise God for the earthly father he was given. My amazing mother has accepted (begged) to watch Blaine too and I am very blessed by this.   Come December on I am not sure what we will do about childcare as I do not think the Y will let me to continue to take him to work.  Pray that we have direction on where he should go on the days we can not have him with us... selling our house and mustang will definitely help financially but moving to Inola is the goal.

Well that is all for now... Thanks for letting me brag, rant and rave!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The ultimate wait

Tonight the wait is just not bearable....

Why did God design pregnancy to be 9 months, 40 weeks or 280 days?

The Bible says that children are a blessing to the Lord and to their parents, this I would agree.  "Proverbs 17:6 NIV Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children." I would like to hold my blessing in my arms, to see his face, to touch his skin and to kiss his face.  I want to see each and every detail of what he looks like and get to know his temperament out side my belly, although I feel I know a good portion of his temperament now. I want to see Bobby see him for the first time, to hold him, to father him, to pray over him and to rock him to sleep.  I want to see what God designed from Bobby and I. I want to give physical love to this child I have bore for since last December.  I want him OUT!

Blaine is predicted to be born on Sept 7th, 2011 but each day, the closer we get time just seems to drag on. How do you deal with the anticipation of labor, his arrival and how you will parent?  It all seemed so easy nine months ago when Bobby and I found out we were expecting a baby. Then fifteen weeks into it the knowledge of having a son was so amazing that it became even more real. Around twenty six weeks, I began to feel the awe inspiring feeling of my son move within my belly and even more so did the feeling of blessing and fear come together.  At seven months, Bobby and I decided to name this sweet baby Blaine (although we have not picked the other half of the name) it was the first time that I could really talk to him and call him by name.  But today, with just days ahead of me till his arrival I seem to be impatient, scared, excited and want to wait over. 

Today, as I lay in bed, I looked at Bobby and said that in less than two weeks Blaine, our son, a baby, a form of us would be laying in the amazing cradle that sits next to our bed.  How our world will change in just an instant?  There will be no more sleeping in, no more self focus, no more completely spontaneous actions from this point on. We will be family focused and our actions will eternally impact our children. Proverbs 20:7 NIV  "The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them." 

Tonight I will just wait and pray for God's timing and safe and healthy delivery because there is nothing else a girl can do at this point. 

Good night my friends.. and welcome to the rants of Clary Love.