Then there was marriage...

Then there was marriage...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy 33rd Year

On the eve of my thirty-third year I feel the need to reflect a bit. Jesus did such amazing things in his 33rd year, although I am sure he did amazing things each year of his life. I can not compare to Jesus but I can give him all the glory for the life I have had and have. 

Born Laura Denae Cook on December 19th, at 11:55pm I disrupted my father's Christmas work party hours earlier as my mother started to get herself dinner. No dinner and no going home to get the bag as I was due to come the 20th and their third child it would not be a lengthy labor. My mother was determined to have me on the 19th, as she feared from a dream if I was born on the 20th I would be her third son and not her anticipate first daughter. With five minutes to spare, here I am a girl!

I arrived home Christmas Eve or day, not sure, to two brothers. Not what they were wanting under the tree that year but hey they grew to love me. Raised in a house of love and lots of fun I never knew how blessed I was till I left the house as a young adult. I still feel honored that God placed me in such a home.

The biggest moment of my life happened at camp the summer before I turned 10. I said the sinners prayer and accepted Christ as Lord of my life and best friend while sitting on a rock outside my cabin. My life was altered for eternity! By the age of 14, I had committed to serve him in any vocation he called me to. I currently accepted the job of wife and mommy, which is the most humbling and I believe God honoring thing I can do for this time of my life. Also, toughest job I have had.

I graduated high school from Inola High School in 2000 and attended the University of Central Oklahoma graduating with a Bachelors in 2004. I lived in New York and Texas before returning home to meet the second greatest man to change my life.

In May 2009, Robert Arlyn Clary asked me out on a date. By the third weekend, third date I knew he was feircly different and God had allowed my heart to completely and utterly fall in love with this man. September 18th, he proposed and I said yes. By February 20th, 2010 we were married and the journey of us truly began. On Memorial weekend Bobby would fall thirty feet crushing his leg and wrist so badly doctors wondered if he would use them the same ever again. God would triumph in us and in Bobby body as God worked his miracles. By the end of 2010 we were not just another newlywed couple, we were bound to one another beyond my understanding. God had transformed my heart to beat for Bobby. Still crazy how I can be more in love with this man each year.

September 7th, 2011 I gave birth to our first born a son, Blaine Robert Clary. Just shy of two years later on July 24th, I would have our second son Elijah William Clary. Those boys are God's blessing to me. I suddenly feel I am no longer Laura but Mommy. I am who they need me to be. 

I can not begin to guess what the 33rd year looks like but I am thankful for each day leading up to it and pray I have the opportunity to serve God each day hince forward.