Then there was marriage...

Then there was marriage...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moments as a Mom

Not too many moments as a Mom gross me out. I have a steel stomach for the most part, I think God prepared me for having boys, I always wanted boys. 

I read a blog today about raising all boys and as I read through I had experienced or accepted I would experience each experience the mother was stating. 1) boys are dirty 2) boys play rough and loud 3) I will one day be known as the mother-in-law and ect. These things and so much more I get, I accept, I love but today I don't want to see again!

We are potty training my almost three year old son. We have been in this process for awhile and for the most part it has gone well. We are held up on the pooping in potty. I often find my son hiding under tables, in closets, under blankets and pooping in his totally adorable toddler super hero underwear and boxers. I can handle this, I don't love it but a simple wash in potty, spray in sink and wipe the boy down and we are back to clean. This is not how it went today.

Today, I found my totally sweet boy under table, told boy to go to bathroom,  cleaned underwear, made boy sit on potty to help him realize it is normal,  cleaned him when he said he was totally done, then requested him to got get new underwear on and get dressed.  He is a great kid, typically obeys shockingly well for a 2/3 year old.  I then proceeded to take dirty clothes to laundry room and get on with my day.  I saw our 1 year old son follow me and reach up on the kitchen table to grab last of the chicken nuggets from lunch, my only thought way old nugget, that won't taste so great.  After a few minutes in laundry room, I went to go get rest of clothes from bedrooms. 

That is when it began.  At end of the hallway my big boy was in panic mode.  His hands were covered,  I couldn't tell what it was till he said it.  "Mom, I popped!"  With new eyes I looked around. Poop all over carpet, all over the boy, clothes all over floor that this sweet boy had tried to use to clean himself. Immediately,  he was stripped and thrown in bath tub. I am still good at this point. I can deal with poop but what happened next was grotesque.  My little man will hear a bath and run to it. He loves bathes, he will not let anyone in our house bath without first trying climb his way into bath himself. So as I am kneeling next to tub I look next to me and this crazy 1 year old is double fisting two chicken nuggets with his chubby hands, face, and arms covered in poop. My stomach starts to heave. My baby is eating poop covered chicken nuggets. Let's just say I am thankful I was in bathroom. 

I am done. My steel stomach is weakened, as is my resolve.

Okay God,  what can I learn from this? 

Praying tomorrow is better and soon we look back and laugh,  who am I kidding. .. Bobby is already laughing.