Then there was marriage...

Then there was marriage...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Talking Toddler

Okay, he is two and he talks constantly. He talks to toys, himself, phones, the kindle, his brother, the trucks that pass and I have even caught him telling Jesus things (sweet moments).

Today was different for some reason. Today he had the look that he was really seeing someone as he was talking. He was eating breakfast at the table/bar that is positioned between the kitchen and back living area of Granny's house. We have lived here 6 months and he sits there every morning while I get my food and Elijah fed for the morning.

Today he kept repeating, "I not scared, I not scared." I decided to observed closer and he would shake his head and say "no I not." I decided to dig further into this and ask who he was talking to. For the first time he did something strangly new. He pointed to the back room. No one is in the back room. I said is there someone in there, he said , "there!" excitedly showing me with his tiny finger pointed out. I got creatively thinking okay, he has an imaginary friend. This is too cute.
I asked if they were a girl or boy. He said, "gurl, you mommy." I then asked if they were little like you or big like mommy, he responded, "like mommy." Then I got the chills. Not the freaky, scary kind the comforting, loving, I knew you were with us kind of God bumps.

The last week has not been easy. Dificult even, but there has been a peace with the trial. The thought, no matter what the day brings we will still be praising you in the night, has pulled us through each day.

I have often felt Granny and Papa since living here. Glimpses of them walking past while I was busy or them jump into my thoughts. I live in their house, it should be expected. But Blaine only experienced my Granny's pure love, Christ shinning love over for 14 months of his young life. It has been longer than that since she has served God in heaven, 17 months.

In the Bible when angels encountered humans they told them not to fear. Don't be scared. I imagine that is what Granny was telling Blaine today too. Don't be scared, she would be with us no matter the situation, no matter the circumstances.

God is good, in the sunshine and in the storm.